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Swedish Sponge Cloths

If this is your first time ordering a Swedish Sponge Cloth, note that it is not thick and it is stiff, unlike a typical sponge that you are used to. To use it, be sure to wet it first and wring it out. Then proceed to wipe and clean.

What is a Swedish Sponge Cloth?
A Swedish Sponge Cloth is a reusable, compostable cloth that can be used to clean in replacement of paper towel and plastic sponges. They are an established must-have in Scandinavia—and for good reason! Swedish Sponge Cloths are the perfect solution to decreasing waste and embracing an environmentally friendly home. Best of all, you can do it all without sacrificing an ounce of cleaning power.

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How do I care for my sponge cloth?
When you are done cleaning with your sponge cloth, be sure to wash it - by hand, in the washing machine or on the top rack of the dishwasher. Lay flat to dry.

If you use your dishwasher to clean your sponge cloth it will be clean but super soggy when done. Wring it out and lay flat to dry.

Note that staining and discoloration of the cloth can happen and is normal for cloths with a lighter background, even after running it through the dishwasher or washing machine. But don't worry, it's squeaky clean and odor-free!

What are sponge cloths made of?
Each sponge cloth is made of 70 percent sustainably-sourced cellulose and 30 percent cotton. The cotton comes from “waste cotton”, meaning it’s made from cotton fibers that are too short for the textile industry and would otherwise just become waste. Because each Swedish sponge cloths is 100 percent compostable, this allows us to recycle cotton in a safe, unique, and environmentally friendly way.

Where is my sponge cloth made?
In Sweden, where the cloths originate from and are a household staple.

How long does a sponge cloth last?
The typical life span of a sponge cloth is 9 months or more. After this time, it can be composted.

Beeswax Wraps

If this is your first time ordering beeswax wraps, note that they feel like thick wax paper. Both sides are fine to use, you will note a slight difference in the pattern on either side. They are super flexible but may not be as adhesive as plastic wrap and that is OK!

What is a beeswax wrap?
A beeswax wrap offers a stylish, sustainable alternative to single use-plastic wrap. They can be used to cover up leftovers, wrap produce, create a lid for cans, jars, or bowls - or to wrap up a snack for a little lunchbox love.

How do I care for my beeswax wrap?
When you are done with your wrap, be sure to wash it in cold water and mild soap and lay it flat to dry to get it ready for another wrapping job.

Can I place my beeswax wrap in the oven or microwave?
No, please do not place in the oven or microwave as they will melt and will no longer be usable.

What are beeswax wraps made of?
Each beeswax wrap is made of cotton hand-coated with beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin.

Where do you make your beeswax wraps?
We work with a great maker in Vietnam to make our beeswax products.

How long does beeswax wrap last?
The typical life span of a beeswax wrap is 1 year or more. After this time, it can be composted.

What foods can I use my beeswax wraps for?
We recommend using them for fruits, veggies, cheeses, sandwiches, etc. We do not recommend using them for raw meat or fish storage.

Can the wraps be used in the freezer?
We recommend the fridge only as the seal may not be strong enough to prevent freezer burn.

Can I cut my beeswax wraps into smaller sizes?
Unfortunately you cannot as that will break the beeswax coating seal.

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How much does shipping cost?
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How is my order packaged?
When you receive your order, you will notice that it is shipped in an eco-friendly pack. Go ahead and place it in the recycling bin once you take all of your goodies out. All items inside will be loose, aside from care instructions, no other packaging materials will be included.

If you are ordering a Swedish Sponge Cloth set, the components will arrive loose, not packaged together.

The set of three Beeswax Wraps will arrive tightly packed.

My sponge is faulty, can you replace it?
If your order arrived damaged, we will be happy to replace it. Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance with your order number and a photo of the damage. You can reach us at

Do you accept returns?
Yes, we accept returns 14 days after delivery, to start a return please contact us at

I'm a store, do you offer wholesale? 
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