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New Year, New Habits


A new year means a clean slate; the magic of new beginnings and another chance to get it right.

Want a resolution you can actually keep? One you can feel really good about?

A happy, healthy new year is on the horizon for all of us when we commit to eco-friendly habits.

Start the year with fresh resolve. Do your part to reduce waste, and make one-time-use paper and plastic a thing of the past with these simple swaps:

Cute with serious cleaning power, our Swedish Dishcloths are a washable substitution for soggy sponges and 2 million tons of paper towel trash!

Ecologie Swedish Dishcloths deliver a streak-free shine to surfaces, soak up spills, wipe muddy paws and little human hands. And, after up to a year of use, simply place them in your compost. Winning!

Cover up leftovers with washable, durable, and playfully patterned Beeswax Wraps to replace polluting plastic wrap!

Ideal for in the fridge or on the go, these vibrant and colorful wraps come in sets of 3 for storing everything from cookies to casseroles. Wash, wrap, repeat!

With Ecologie’s consciously curated collection it’s easy to make (and keep!) planet-friendly promises. And it’s easier than hitting the gym.

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